Everybody has their own taste in news. We fully appreciate this, and have tailor-made our products for the interests of our readers. For the most part, they are categorized by topic or region.

The main Interfax newswire is devoted to public events and political life. This is the "Interfax News" wire, which we call the "General Newswire".

There are also "general wires" in Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. All the main media organizations in these countries subscribe to these wires. They are available in the local languages as well as Russian, and "Interfax News" is also available in English.

The Interfax Financial and Business News Service (Full Version) brings the most detailed coverage of finance and economics in Russia and the CIS. We (and others too) consider this to be the best corporate newswire on the market. All sectors and all active companies are covered in real time.

If every second is crucial and you are interested only in traded companies, we have created the "Equity Markets Newswire", which focuses on the public sector.

If you need just one sector of the economy, but in detail, then we also cater for your needs with the "Energy Newswire", "Interfax Metals", "Infocom Market News", "Transport News" and "Military News", for example.

If you are interested in a specific region, just select any of our regional newswires to find the politics and business news you need.

Interfax also has a range of weekly publications on politics, business, the economy and individual regions.

The weeklies are published mainly in English. They include specialist industry publications like "Russia & CIS Metals & Mining Weekly", "Russia & CIS Oil & Gas Weekly" and "China IT Weekly", trusted by analysts, experts and leaders the world over for more than 20 years.

In addition to the former Soviet republics, Interfax covers business and economics in Eastern Europe and in China, where we are the biggest foreign information organization.

You can find a full list of Interfax publications under "Subscriptions", and on our website. If you want to talk about our news, you are welcome to contact the sales or editorial teams.